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Experience Photos and blogs from travels around the world.

Experience photos and blogs related to the places I found most attractive in the world. Luckily I do live in an area getting top score when I rate places around the world: Scandinavia, Sweden, County of Skåne, the Kullabygd-area in the northwestern part of Skåne. You’ll find that most of my photos are captured around here.

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English and Swedish

My native language is Swedish and therefor everything on these pages has until now been created using the Swedish language. One day I may translate them all in to English, but that’s not a promise. –  What I can promise to a non Swedish reading audience, is that all material well be in English from now on.

Fortunately – the language of pictures and images, – is universal.

Please, enjoy and please do comment if you like my photos.

You reach me at info@siloosweden.se

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