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Is it…
– your phone?
– my phone?
– iPhone or Android?

…no it’s the changing room for Superman!

Scottland calling

In the high street in Edinburg it is still possible to make a phone call should you have lost your smart phone :-)
In the high street in Edinburg it is still possible to make a phone call should you have lost your smart phone 🙂

Windows Reflections

No, it’s not the latest version of the Microsoft Operating system.

This particular one is just a set of nice old windows, typical for the south west area of Sweden, where I happen to live. It’s Christmas Day and we wanted some outside fresh air. It’s plenty of that here by the ocean next to wonderful Kullaberg.

Windows Reflecting lights last shivering days of December

Equestrian is far more than Sunshine

My daughter went to another dressage competition a couple of weeks ago.
Mom, brothers girlfriend, grandma and grandpa where supporting with kind and encouraging words. But how much did that really help when the rain was pouring?
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling71.jpg
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling81.jpg
Anyway – she and her horse did a good job but the judges weren’t really on her side this weekend. Read more about this on her own blog.

20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling83-Redigera-Redigera.jpg

The supporters also felt it to be a bit challenging to be encouraging but tried their best 😉

20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling42.jpg
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling43.jpg
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling52.jpg

Fortunately it did not rain 100% of the time.

20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling111.jpg
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling121.jpg

Want see more pics? Take a look here!

Shooting night photography

I finally got around to do it. And I’m not regretting it.

It was not that i didn’t want to. It was just hard to find the time. When i har planned to do it the fist time I go had to cancel it due to too much work. This time I almost cancelled for the same reason and for being deadly tired.

– I still did it. I drove my car to Gothenburg, checked in at the hotel, was extremely tempted to take a shot of whisky, turn on the tv and just doze of to sleep and skip the whole thing. – But I didn’t. I called for a taxi and I went downtown Gothenburg for shooting night photography.

It was worth it!

After a short theory lesson on the street outside the central train station. We took off and hiked up the nearest bridge “Götaälvbron”. First lesson was to shoot street with cars where the car lights turned in to lines.  I believe that I passed the test:
mästerfoto_nattfoto18017 april 2015.jpg
(Camera settings with exposure time roughly at 20-30 seconds, aperture F8-F12 and ISO 100 (occasionally up to 400) was the common theme).

Next challenge was to capture an “orb” in the runway to an underground garage:
mästerfoto_nattfoto19617 april 2015.jpg

Like many things – not hard to do at all if you know how 😉

Some surrealistic shots using led lights and a torch light:
mästerfoto_nattfoto20217 april 2015.jpg
mästerfoto_nattfoto20017 april 2015.jpg
The “actor” is one of my “student” fellows in this night shoot photo training – he did a good job. Looks almost like something from “Tomb Raider” video game or similar, don’t you agree?

Next thing to try was to capture some futuristic night fire. That worked pretty well too.
mästerfoto_nattfoto20617 april 2015.jpg

You simply can’t go to Gothenburg city center by the water and not visit the statue of the song writer Evert Taube, one of Sweden’s most respected musicians in the 20th century. The statue is posing on the water side of the opera house.
mästerfoto_nattfoto21717 april 2015-Redigera.jpg

After this session, I was still rather tired. Just after midnight. But still not as tired as before the session. I was a great excersice and doing fun stuff tend to bring energy. Someone who brought lots of energy was the trainer, Mr Max at Mästerfoto (Master Photo) who gave this session – great guy and I captured his autograph:
mästerfoto_nattfoto20117 april 2015.jpg


It was worth it. I returned to my hotel room at around 1 o’clock AM and was not tired at all. And I had a great view:
mästerfoto_nattfoto22418 april 2015.jpg

Thank you to the team from Mästerfoto (Master Photo). But most of all, -thank you to my daughter Victoria, my son Alexander and my wife Lena giving me a great gift card for this experience as a Christmas present.

Persistency and Stamina

The title says a lot about my daughter. Working hard hours and hours, days, weeks and years with her horses. This weekend was an early spring competition in dressage in Klippan.

11042015--2015Klippan Ridtävl 149.jpg

She will probably show other pictures in her blog post at where she will write about the competition from her expert view. After many years as a spectator I’m unfortunately still not knowledgeable enough to comment. But i enjoy supporting with bringing my camera!

11042015--2015Klippan Ridtävl 64.jpg
11042015--2015Klippan Ridtävl 35.jpg

Well done Victoria!

Mysterious and Wonderful Kullaberg

Kullaberg is slowly waking up from sleepy winter mode to lustrous spring mode. This time of the year it is all from beutiful to mysterious.

Sunset over the water:

Sunset behind the ridge:

Sunset behind the cliffs:

Sunset behind the Kullaberg itself:

Is this the mysterious Kullaman?

What are these – vicious elfs, or…?

And this how about this green thing slowly diving?

Beautiful part of nature, but what is it?:

Nice signs of spring being on its way:

Maybe a more typical sign of spring:

I’m not the only one thinking Kullaberg is close to heaven 😉

Looking forward to the next steps of spring and summer!

Another type of birthday photography

It was a weekend of celebrating my mom’s birthday and we wanted to shoot some photos for memory.

20150131_Mom and Örjan


We wanted to try a and create a different type of photographs on birthdays. So our wonderful neighbors,  Rolf and Hanna, who runs Purple Living, offered to let us use their store (after closing). Their store is in  greenhouse, has a great atmosphere and of course interesting light – even a late afternoon in January!

20150131_666Fira Berit 2015

It was freezing cold. It was really January in Sweden with the related temperature, – but we had great fun!

20150131_694Fira Berit 2015

Some of the pictures really came out different than ordinary birthday pics, don’t you think so?

20150131_736Fira Berit 2015

20150131_672Fira Berit 2015

20150131_680Fira Berit 2015

Happy Birthday, Mom!