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Equestrian is far more than Sunshine

My daughter went to another dressage competition a couple of weeks ago.
Mom, brothers girlfriend, grandma and grandpa where supporting with kind and encouraging words. But how much did that really help when the rain was pouring?
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling71.jpg
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling81.jpg
Anyway – she and her horse did a good job but the judges weren’t really on her side this weekend. Read more about this on her own blog.

20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling83-Redigera-Redigera.jpg

The supporters also felt it to be a bit challenging to be encouraging but tried their best 😉

20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling42.jpg
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling43.jpg
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling52.jpg

Fortunately it did not rain 100% of the time.

20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling111.jpg
20150510_Ringsjöorten Tävling121.jpg

Want see more pics? Take a look here!

Persistency and Stamina

The title says a lot about my daughter. Working hard hours and hours, days, weeks and years with her horses. This weekend was an early spring competition in dressage in Klippan.

11042015--2015Klippan Ridtävl 149.jpg

She will probably show other pictures in her blog post at where she will write about the competition from her expert view. After many years as a spectator I’m unfortunately still not knowledgeable enough to comment. But i enjoy supporting with bringing my camera!

11042015--2015Klippan Ridtävl 64.jpg
11042015--2015Klippan Ridtävl 35.jpg

Well done Victoria!