It was a weekend of celebrating my mom’s birthday and we wanted to shoot some photos for memory.

20150131_Mom and Örjan


We wanted to try a and create a different type of photographs on birthdays. So our wonderful neighbors,  Rolf and Hanna, who runs Purple Living, offered to let us use their store (after closing). Their store is in  greenhouse, has a great atmosphere and of course interesting light – even a late afternoon in January!

20150131_666Fira Berit 2015

It was freezing cold. It was really January in Sweden with the related temperature, – but we had great fun!

20150131_694Fira Berit 2015

Some of the pictures really came out different than ordinary birthday pics, don’t you think so?

20150131_736Fira Berit 2015

20150131_672Fira Berit 2015

20150131_680Fira Berit 2015

Happy Birthday, Mom!


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